Fire Drill

Do You Know What You Don't Know?

How much do your relief board, your membership and your municipal representatives really understand about the relief association and more specifically the pension?  In the video Do You Know What You Don't Know?, Brian offers tips on how to gauge current understanding by using a simple yes or no survey. Ultimately, you will gain insight into areas where additional trustee and membership education may be needed.

Benefit Increases Revisited

Brian revisits a fire drill from over 3 years ago about how to work with your city to plan for consistent benefit level increases. Watch Benefit Increases Revisited for Brian's suggestion on one way to structure your benefit increases called the 110% Solution.

Distributions Done Right

In this video, Brian reviews how to help your retiring firefighters avoid making unnecessary payments to the IRS. Distributions Done Right could save your retirees literally thousands of dollars and help you be a better more informed trustee.

Misperceptions of Risk

Brian discusses investor fear and the two Misperceptions of Risk that threaten the long-term success of most pension funds and retirees today.

Global Fiduciary Precepts

Relief Association trustees have a huge responsibility over important retirement dollars. Learn about seven Global Fiduciary Precepts that are helpful when investment related questions arise.

Predictions or Perspective

Listen to Brian's message about the Power of Perspective over the allure of being captivated by predictions.


Relief Association pension plans are inherently long term in nature. Listen as Brian discusses one of the greatest concerns he hears from investors today: Volatility.


Planning and setting goals is an important part of the route to success. Find out how to get the most out of next year by setting SMART Goals for your relief association.

Don't Get Whacked by the Bond See-Saw

What lies just over the horizon for bond investors? Listen to this month's fire drill about the Bond See-Saw to understand the relationship between bond prices and interest rates, and what that might mean in the coming years.

Effective Meetings

Have you ever been a part of a boring or unproductive meeting? If you have, Brian has some tips for you on How to Run an Effective Meeting.

Organizational Binder

A great tool to effectively organize your relief association responsibilities is the Organizational Binder. Brian explains why this 10 tab binder is key to successful relief operations, as it pulls all important relief association documents and forms into one place.

5 Pillars of Superior Service

Learn what you should expect from your financial advisor as Brian shares details about the 5 Pillars of Superior Service.

Benefit Increases

Brian discusses tips and ideas for working your city to consistently increase your pension benefit. Find out about the best way to structure your benefit increases.

Risk Tolerance

This month Brian talks about the idea of investment return expectations and appetite for risk. It is a good idea to periodically review the risk and return expectations of your board.

Investment Policy Statements

Listen to Brian speak about Investment Policy Statements for fire relief associations. Not only is it important to have one, but it is also important to keep it updated.