Patti Kavanagh

Patti Kavanagh

Senior Registered Relationship Manager

Phone: 612-324-0235

Born and raised on the east coast shore, I’m an ocean lover at heart. My fondest childhood memories are with my family on the Long Island Sound where my sister and I learned to swim and appreciate cream cheese and jelly sandwiches with the perfect touch of beach sand. I wouldn’t realize until later in life how much I value those memories - if not the sandwiches. We relocated to Northern California when I was a teenager, and eventually moved to Arizona where I met my husband, Stuart, and where our two children, Aislinn and Jaxson, were born. We now live in Woodbury with our Wheaten Terrier, Maisie.

I started my financial career at Wells Fargo in Arizona where I held positions in retail, operations, and management. I also worked with the Business Banking Group as a business banking officer before relocating to Minnesota in 2007, ultimately joining Wells Fargo Advisors. I have been fortunate throughout my career to work alongside many talented managers and coworkers. I learned the value of relationships with clients and peers over process and transactions. Throughout my 20+ year career, I have earnestly desired to deliver a high standard of care when overseeing clients, and their families’ financial success. Working collaboratively with family members, attorneys, and/or CPAs we are able to plan long term strategies overseeing financial assessments and family needs. I am committed to working ethically and diligently on their behalf.

I am passionate about financial literacy for our youth and enjoy volunteering my time to help provide basic banking and credit knowledge skills to help our youth develop financial competency.

Outside of the office, I enjoy home projects, physical fitness, and sports. Both our children have competed in athletics at the varsity level in high school and college. Sports have been a great life classroom for them throughout their education – teamwork, dependability, success, failure, and even unfairness. Win or lose we’re proud to watch them compete.

I’ve heard that if you grow up on the beach, no matter where you live you're always looking back for the shoreline. I appreciate Minnesota where we can spend time on the lakes and still feel the shoreline effect in the summer — even without those cream cheese and jelly sandwiches.