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Fall Newsletter

Tidbits about Life, Health and Wealth.

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Tony Parr portrait

Tony Parr, Partner

Welcome to our Employee Spotlight!

We have an incredible group of talented, fun, and dedicated employees here at Parr McKnight. Our Spotlight focuses on our people who contribute to the success of our firm. This month we are sitting down with Tony, to hear more of his passions, his history, and his exciting year so far…

Earliest childhood memory?

When I was five years old, I lived on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. One day, while playing in the schoolyard, I was bitten by a rabid mongoose. I had to be flown to New York for treatment which consisted of 41 daily injections to treat the rabies. I vividly remember the fang-toothed, oversized squirrel clamping its jaws on my index finger. I also remember the terror of getting those daily shots. The needles seemed so LARGE to a five-year-old!

Favorite music from childhood?

I loved the three man band called The Police. They made amazing music with just three people. My favorite playlist is replete with the Police and Sting!

Best thing I learned from my parents:

My dad grew up in Cuba, prior to, and during the communist takeover. When the Batista dictatorship was in place, my dad and his family led a very comfortable life. When Castro and the communists took over, they fled to the United States with nothing but the clothes on their backs. I’m grateful to my mom and dad for the work ethic they modeled. They taught me to never take your blessings for granted. My dad always used to say, “if you think it’s hard going from hamburger helper, to hamburger, to filet mignon. It's even HARDER to go from filet mignon back to hamburger helper!”

Where were you born and where did you spend your childhood?

I was born on January 23, 1966 at St. Vincent’s hospital in Greenwich Village, New York. From the time I was one until eight, we lived on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. We then spent two years living in Mexico City, and in 1976 we moved to Minneapolis. Since then, my only time living out of the state, was when I attended Boston University for four years.

What would you eat for your Last Supper or as a death row meal?

Appetizer: Caesar salad, light dressing, white anchovies. Hold the croutons. I’ll wash my salad down with an extra dirty Tito’s vodka martini with three blue cheese olives.

Main course: double bacon cheeseburger with jalapeño bacon, and two slices of American cheese. Toasted, buttered wheat bun.

Side dish: crinkle fries, extra crispy. Corn on the cob doused in butter, salt and pepper.

Dinner beverage: Red Wine (Caymus Cabernet) and a large glass of iced water with lemon.

Dessert: Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream with hot fudge on the side, and a four shot expresso with a cube of brown sugar. Who needs sleep. It’s my last supper!

Biggest personal achievement:

Marrying my soulmate. She brings me joy every day. I pray I do the same for her.

Most Unusual Job:

When I was in high school and college, I spent my summers working the graveyard shift in a grocery store distribution warehouse. I worked every night from 9 PM to 7 AM stacking boxes of groceries on wooden pallets and bringing them to a loading dock so they could be trucked to all the stores throughout the state. It was a really tough job, but it taught me to show up, fill my quota, and do it quickly, efficiently and accurately. I’m grateful for the chance to develop those skills.

How do you want to be remembered?

He experienced joy and brought joy to others.

He had integrity and character.

He was kind, empathetic and compassionate.

He had high expectations of himself and others.

He felt incredibly blessed and had no regrets.

He ADORED his wife Christine.

Three words that to me, describe the Parr McKnight Wealth Management Group:

Well, it’s all about clients...

We want to bring them the CLARITY that comes with seeing and understanding their entire financial horizon. It’s about CONFIDENCE. The confidence of knowing that they’re working with an expert, trusted advisory team, that understands clients needs on a very deep level. It’s also about having STRUCTURE, a plan and a strategy that are continually refined and maintained. CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and STRUCTURE.

Favorite website?

I probably spend 25% of my online time with It’s a news and information aggregator called Real Clear Politics. The topic sections include politics, investment markets, science, technology, health, religion, and so much more. What I like best is the fact that the website brings in both CONSERVATIVE and LIBERAL views. I like to read important information and understand important ideas from the full spectrum of thought.

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