Get your arms around all your financial affairs. It is also the capacity to see your situation in fresh and revealing ways and to identify issues often overlooked.
Know that you have a plan in place and that you are on track in pursuit of your life’s goals.
Have your financial affairs thoughtfully and thoroughly organized, guided by a highly-trained and qualified team of professionals.

About Us


Our mission is to enhance the quality of our clients’ lives and bring prosperity and blessings to those we serve.



The Parr McKnight Wealth Management Group has over 140 years of combined experience as a trusted advisor to a select number of families and institutions. We are committed to helping you plan effectively, invest wisely, and map a realistic course for your future years.

Core Values

  • Clients First, All the Time
  • Trust & Integrity
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Growth Through Continuous Improvement
  • Fun & Positive Family Culture

We've developed and refined an approach to analyzing investor portfolios we call the Portfolio Review Executive Summary. It's designed to offer investors more clarity and understanding about the potential risks and returns of their portfolio. We also drill down on portfolio structure and specific investments held. Click to download a sample and let us know if you would like to fine out more about our process.

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